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Trainee Testimonies

“Woodrush’s Schools Direct Programme has given me the best start to teaching I could have hoped for. The structure of the course is designed to put trainees in the classroom from day one but not without very strong support from their regular class teacher. I took on my classes at a rate that I was comfortable with, taking on parts of lessons and gradually building up. The whole process was personally tailored to what I was ready for unlike other programmes that might be more didactic in their set up. When I have struggled I have had extra support; when I haven’t felt challenged, I have been given more responsibility or targets to work towards.

The support I’ve had from the whole department has been incredible. Each teacher whose class I have taught has spent time working through the curriculum, lesson plans and lesson reflections with me. They have always been on hand to answer any questions and give support when needed as well as stepping back in lessons to give me the opportunity to develop my independence as a teacher. The teachers I work with and my subject mentor provide me with constructive feedback for each lesson and give practical advice on how to make the suggested improvements.

Having training each week rather than in one block provides the opportunity to learn about a particular topic and put it into practice over the week. Being in school, the training is very practical and applied. The sessions are varied to suit different learning styles and different topics. I have enjoyed the range of  talks, presentations, discussions, tasks, observations and interviews. I particularly enjoyed a session on literacy in school in which I had the opportunity to work with a non-English specialist to advise her on how to bring literacy into her classroom. This gave us the opportunity to put into practice the theory we had learnt in the morning and I got the chance to actually experience the role of a literacy co-ordinator.

To anyone looking to begin their teaching training, I would recommend Woodrush Teaching School Alliance without any hesitation.”


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