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A school is frequently judged by the appearance of its students and its reputation is a powerful factor in their future success or failure. Please check that your child leaves the house properly dressed in the morning. We shall notify you first if there is any modification to the published uniform.
We believe that a smart and distinctive school uniform helps discipline and makes students aware of being part of a community. Long term, it is both practical and economical. It is hoped that you will support this view and encourage your child to do so.  Please be aware that he Headteacher’s decision on all matters regarding uniform and hairstyles is final and fully supported by the Governing Body.
Key Uniform Rules:
ALL CLOTHING AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS should be marked clearly with the owner's name.
  • BLAZERS – All students must wear a blazer at all times inside the school premises, unless they have been given permission by a member of staff to remove their blazer.  The school jumper is another additional item of clothing students can wear.  The school jumper must be black and must be a V-neck.  Tracksuit tops, Hoodies and Sweatshirts are not allowed in school.  
  • SCHOOL SKIRTS  - Any girl wishing to wear a skirt must wear the Woodrush school skirt with a small green “W” above the hem. Girls may also wear black loose fitting trousers of suit material (ie not stretch/lycra/jean material).  Any visible appendages (i.e. gold zips) or logos on trousers are not allowed.  
  • MAKE-UP - In Key Stages 4 and 5 (Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13) this should be appropriate to a professional working environment.  Make-up should not be worn in Key Stage 3 (Years 8 and 9).
  • JEWELLERY - One plain sleeper or stud in each ear lobe is permitted, no hoops/long earrings for health and safety reasons.   No other visible body piercing is allowed.   One ring per hand is allowed.   Other jewellery is not allowed for safety and security reasons.
  • HAIRSTYLES – Should be appropriate to a professional working environment e.g. no extreme styles or colours and no brightly coloured braiding.
  • SHOES - Sensible flat shoes (not trainers, canvas/deck shoes or boots) are required for students, bearing in mind the staircases, carpeted areas and the need to negotiate outdoor pathways in inclement weather.   Students wearing open-toed or high-heeled shoes will not be able to work in laboratories or technology rooms.   Shoes will be plain, black and polishable.  Trainers of any description are not permitted, even if they are black and close in style to that of a shoe.  
  • SCHOOL BAGS - A suitable bag should be used for school books.  The British Medical Association recommends bags with two shoulder straps e.g. rucksacks.  All students should have a pencil case containing a blue or black pen, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber, a pencil sharpener and coloured crayons.  All students must also be in possession of a calculator.  Other specific items of equipment may be required for subjects such as Mathematics and Modern Languages.  Students will be informed by the appropriate teachers.

School Uniform suppliers

Clive Mark Schoolwear
38 Poplar Road
Kings Heath
0121 444 0606

Early Years
407-411 Stratford Road
0121 733 1456

Uniform List        
Key Stage 3 boys and girls:
  • Black trousers or skirt with the Woodrush logo
  • Plain black or natural coloured tights and black ankle socks, not knee high socks (for girls)
  • White shirt, long or short sleeved
  • Key stage 3 clip on tie with house colour
  • Black V neck sweater
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Black fleece with school badge and (optional item as outdoor coat or PE item)
  • Plain, black polishable shoes

Key Stage 4 boys and girls:
  • Black V neck sweater
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Black fleece with school badge  (optional item as outdoor coat or PE item)
  • Plain black, polishable shoes

PE Kit for Boys:

  • One pair of sports trainers
  • Football boots
  • Two pairs of Black shorts
  • PE Polo shirt
  • School Rugby Shirt
  • School PE hoodie or Plain black sweatshirt/ fleece
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black football socks
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield (optional)

Girls PE Kit:
  • One pair of Sports trainers
  • Black school PE skort or shorts
  • School PE Polo Shirt
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • School PE hoodie or Plain black sweatshirt/ fleece
  • Black football socks
  • Black sports socks
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield (optional)  
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