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Parent Consultation Evenings 2018/19

Parents Evening Appointments :
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We hold Parent Consultation Evenings on designated Thursday evenings across the academic year. Parents and carers of all students are welcome to make appointments with any member of staff at any of our parents’ evenings.  However, over the academic year, each year group has a particular evening focusing specifically on them.  These are :
31st  January 2019:          Year 7
14th March 2019 :            Year 11 & KS5
9th May  2019  :               Year 9
6th June 2019 :                Year 8 Pathways Evening

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We use an online booking system for appointments, which has proved to be a more efficient way for parents to be able to make appointments with members of staff and keep track of the appointments that they have.  There is an information sheet which takes you through the simple booking process – click on this link to access it.

Please note that when signing into the booking system your child’s date of birth must be entered in the format dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 22/09/1995)

If a member of staff would specifically like to see you, they will have already made an appointment for you online and a print out of any appointments will be sent home to you. You can then use the booking system to make appointments with other staff that you would like to see. If you do not receive a print out of appointments, it means that no staff have requested to see you, however you may use the online system to book in with as many staff as you want to see.

The online system will be opened to parents approximately 10 days before each parents evening. All bookings must be made before midnight prior to the parents evening.

We recognize that not everyone may be able to access the online system and so paper copies of the appointment sheets will be available for these students to collect from student services and they may make appointments with staff during lessons. You may find it useful to inform your child’s form tutor, who can help ensure that appropriate appointments are made.

Staff will do their best to see as many parents/carers as they can but as you can appreciate some staff may not be able to see everyone who requests an appointment.

Consultation slots are 5 minutes to enable staff to speak to as many parents as possible.  We require parents and staff to limit discussions to the allocated time to ensure that other parents’ appointments are not compromised.  If you have a concern that requires a more lengthy conversation, we request that you contact the school at a separate time.

If you are unable to attend the evening or book an appropriate appointment but would like an update on your son/daughters progress then please contact the appropriate Progress Leader listed below:

Year 7             Miss Francis        jfrancis@woodrush.org
Year 8             Mrs Bishop          cbishop@woodrush.org
Year 9             Miss Price           rprice@woodrush.org
Year 10           Mr Branton          abranton@woodrush.org
Year 11           Mrs Cassidy        dcassidy@woodrush.org
Year 12/13      Mrs Wilkins          pwilkins @woodrush.org
                       Miss Ashman       sashman@woodrush.org

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