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Celebrating Achievement


Our school is founded on the belief that all people have talents and all can achieve.  We make it our mission to bring out the talents of our individual students and to celebrate their endeavours and successes at all levels. This could be excellence in a subject, meeting a challenge, making progress or helping another person. Here are some examples of the many ways that we award achievement:


· Merits. Merits are awarded to students during lessons for good or outstanding achievement, progress or effort. These merits can be used to purchase items in our online merit store. Merits are awarded by subject teachers, form tutors, learning support assistants, Heads of Faculty, Heads of Year, Progress Leaders and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

· Achievement logs.  Achievement logs are issued for students during lessons in recognition of good or outstanding achievement and/or effort during any given lesson. Merits, postcards home or a Head Teacher’s Award are issued to the student depending on the extent of the achievement that is being celebrated by their teacher. Achievement logs are recorded on the student’s file and parents/carers are able to view how many achievement logs their child has via FROG (our online virtual learning space).

· Blazer flashes.  These are badges that are awarded that are to be sewn onto student’s blazers. These badges are to acknowledge any specific achievements linked to certain subject areas, which may include anything linked to attainment, participation, effort or progress. The House colour blazer flash is also awarded for 100% attendance at the end of the academic year during the final celebration assembly of the year.

· Celebration assemblies.  Every half-term the students attend a Celebration assembly for their House.  The focus of these assemblies is to award students for outstanding conduct, sporting achievements, excellent attendance, significant contributions to the extra-curricular life of the school and to recognise and celebrate those students that have achieved the highest number of achievement logs. Student success is also celebrated in the weekly year group assemblies.

· Letters, postcards and certificates. Certificates are also awarded during celebration       assemblies. Added to this, subject teachers, Heads of Year, Heads of Faculty, Progress Leaders and members of the Senior Leadership Team will also send letters and postcards home to celebrate student achievement.

· Form Award Boards.  Each form tutor has a noticeboard in their form rooms that displays attendance, achievement and merit figures for their forms.  The Award Board is also used to display information about any other additional achievements or accomplishments by students in their form.

· Awards Evening.  Awards Evening is a prestigious event held in school at the end of the Autumn Term to celebrate student success in terms of subject achievement and effort. Awards are also given for other categories, such as: outstanding performance in examinations, sporting achievement, contributions to the local community and student of the year.

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