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The Design and Technology Department

The aim of the Design and Technology department has is to provide pupils with the opportunity to discover the pleasures and importance of designing and making using a wide variety of resources and materials. We do this my offering meaningful courses in Design and Technology, endeavouring to meet the challenges of designing and making in the new millennium.
In line with the aims and objectives of the school the department encourages pupils to;
  • Be responsible for themselves, there environment and to care for others
  • Develop an awareness of the capability of designing
  • Identify opportunities for design and technological activities with reference to personal needs and the needs of others
  • Work together and independently to solve problems and find possible solutions
  • Develop and apply knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Apply the design process
  • Apply their ideas effectively and safely
  • Consider the effects and implications of design and technological activity on the environment and society
  • Develop practical ability
In Key Stage 3 students are taught Product Design, Food and Textiles through a series of engaging and exciting projects which not only increase their designing and practical skills but also help them to consider the social and environmental side of the design and manufacturing process.
In Key Stage 4 Technology is an optional subject with pupils having the opportunity to study a number of options which include GCSE Product Design, GCSE Textiles, GCSE Food and BTEC’s in Construction and Engineering.
At Key Stage 5 OCR Product Design is taken with modules in Graphics or Textiles. Food Technology is also offered at this level.
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