The Music Department
There are currently two teachers in the music department. The school also has 5 visiting peripatetic teachers some whom are from Worcestershire county music and some employed by the school, offering a variety of tuition including drums, flute, clarinet, guitar, vocal, violin, piano, keyboard and brass.
The department consists of two teaching rooms and two practice rooms. It is resourced with 16 Yamaha keyboards and a class set of ukuleles, Djembe drums and a Samba Percussion set. The school also has musical equipment for bands including drum kits, electronic drum kit, PA system and several practice amps and concert amps. A 16 track Yamaha digital workstation is available for pupils to record and multi-track their work, along with midi keyboards giving students the opportunity to use music technology at GCSE and BTEC level.

Music contributes to the development of pupils and to the school curriculum by providing a powerful and distinctive form of communication and expression.
The teaching of music extends everyday experiences, providing opportunities and links between home, school and other outside agencies. It develops the ability to focus listening and analyse what is heard. It introduces pupils to different forms of music-making and encourages objective judgment of musical quality. Music stimulates the acquisition of the skills, attitudes and attributes needed for life such as listening skills, concentration, aural memory, presentation and teamwork. It also develops creativity, risk-taking, intuition, sensitivity, perseverance and a sense of achievement and enjoyment. The department aims to provide pupils with stimulating, challenging work covering a variety of types and styles of music from different times and places.
Within years 7 and 8 pupils receive one hour a week. Pupils study half term units on a variety of topics integrating performing, composing; listening and appraising. Such topics include Film Music, Blues and Jazz, Samba, African & Indian Music, Minimalism, Ukuleles, Advert Music, Vocal Music, Programme Music and Song writing and uses a variety of resources including keyboards, ukuleles, percussion and voice. Homework can take a variety of forms such as research tasks, reflective tasks and preparation for class work.
Within years 9, 10 and 11 pupils who choose music follow the Edexcel GCSE syllabus. Units are taken in Performing, Composing and Listening. Students record 2 compositions, 2 performances and sit a listening exam in year 11. Sixth form students have the option of taking music as a BTEC. Students on this course do 6 performances and complete written coursework. 
A variety of extra curricular activities exist within the music department through out the year. These include Orchestra, Choir, Music Technology and Pop Band. Opportunities are given for pupils to set up bands of their own. The Music department holds a Christmas Concert each year that has around 90 pupils involved. The Music Department also has had links with the Drama Department producing Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Grease and Hairspray. Other events the Music Department have been involved in include 'Youth Got Talent' at 'The Artrix' in conjunction with YouthWorcs and the School.
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